Construction Monitoring

The New Zealand Building Code sets performance expectations for buildings in New Zealand given in different provisions. The specific provision relating to the structural performance is often called B1-Strucrtures. As chartered structural engineers, we write our opinion about compliance of a building or design to this NZBC provision at different stages of a construction project called “producer statements”.

PS1 is submitted to territorial authority (TA) along with supporting design package i.e. basis of our statement for a building consent. After due review and perusals, the council grants a building consent for construction works to commence. Often at this stage, for complex projects the TA may request a PS2, which is a statement by another chartered engineer confirming after review of the design that they believe on reasonable grounds the design complies to the structural performance requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

Once the consent has been granted by the council, construction may commence and during the construction we perform site inspections at different stages to confirm that the construction is as per the consented engineering design. Usually, the list of inspections is given in the design package provided with a PS1.

After the construction works are complete, the contractor/ builder provides the Sixth schedule or a PS3 to us with other required documents. We then issue a PS4 based on review of the construction visit reports and provided information from the contractor. This is a statement from us that we have undertaken site inspections and on reasonable grounds believe that the consented design has been followed correctly. This goes to the TA with application to issue a Code Compliance Certificate.

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